Aalborg White Cement Liquidation

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March 24, 2017
April 9, 2017

Aalborg White Cement Liquidation


Liquidation Price – $100 per super sack (minimum order 3 super sacks)

Another fantastic wholesale deal from Randy Kincaid Auction Company

This is good surplus product imported from Denmark. It was salvaged from the hold of a ship and put into the supersacks. Each supersack contains an average 1200 lbs of material
You can view the product at Charlie Foy’s Eastbay Junk Yard, 6123 Jensen Rd, Tampa, FL 33619
For more information, call Randy Kincaid (863) 666 1977

It is the finest you can buy and can be used for a multitude of construction applications including tile setting, concrete, grout, finish coating, patching, leveling and castings.

AALBORG WHITE cement is a rapid hardening Portland cement with high early (2 days) and standard (28 days) strengths, produced of extremely pure limestone and fine-ground sand.

What makes AALBORG WHITE cement so unique is the white colour, the high consistency, the extraordinarily low content of alkali and the high sulfate resistance.

AALBORG WHITE cement can be described as a low-alkali, sulfate resistant cement by most national standards.